Advanced Microelectronics

Advanced Microelectronics

Heterogeneous Assembly

AmTECH’s “Hands-On” Engineering team, skilled manufacturing Technicians and experienced assembly Operators solve your manufacturing challenges. 

AmTECH focuses on Complex Microelectronics Assembly with SMT, Flip-Chip, and COB on Printed Circuit Board, Rigid-Flex, Flex and Ceramic Substrates.

We are defining a new standard of excellence as a manufacturer of highly sophisticated microelectronics products which requires high levels of value added engineering and technical expertise. All of the people at AmTECH are committed to driving quality and innovation at every level of the organization.

“State-of-the-Art”, automated equipment for all heterogeneous assembly processes including SMT Assembly, Flip-Chip, and COB for Complex Microelectronics Assembly (Cleanroom).

We support next generation leading edge technology products, that require a full range of manufacturing process for precision placement of miniature SMT components, flip-chip, die-attach, wire bond and encapsulation.

“Precision component placement accuracy and repeatability requires technical expertise, high accuracy automated equipment and metrology for precision measurements”. 

Complex Microelectronics: Heterogeneous Assembly on PCB, Rigid-Flex, Flex and Ceramic substrates

Advanced SMT Assembly

  • Solder Paste Printing Repeatability: +/-5um @3s. (0.2 mils)
  • Precision solder paste printing down to 150um diameter (6 mils)
  • Precision-Automated SMT Pick & Place for 01005 to 45x100mm parts
  • SMD Mounting Accuracy: +/-35um Passive, +/-25um Critical components
  • Advanced 2D + 3D Automated Optical Inspection
  • 160Kv XRAY inspection: BTC, QFN, BGA, LGA, CSP and Flip-Chi p

Precision Die-Attach, Flip-Chip and Multi-Chip capability

  • X/Y Placement +/-7um accuracy @3s, Theta Placement +/-0.15° accuracy
  • Die Attach die size: 0.2mm – 50mm (0.008” to 2.0”)
  • Flip Chip die size: 0.5mm – 50mm (0.020” to 2.0”)
  • Die thickness: 0.05mm – 0.75mm (0.002” to 0.030”)
  • Die/ Flip-Chip pick from: wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak and JEDEC tray
  • Die-Attach to: PCB, Rigid-Flex, Flex, Ceramic and other substrates

Gold Ball (150°C) and Aluminum Wedge (25°C) Wire Bonding

  • ENEPIG (Au Ball): Nickel 3-6um, Palladium 0.05-0.3um, Gold >0.1um
  • Small Wire Bonding Area (Au Ball): X=56mm, Y=80mm (2.2”x3.15”)
  • ENIG (Al Wedge): Nickel 3-6um, Gold >0.05um
  • Large Wire Bonding Area (Al Wedge): X=250mm, Y=200mm (10.0”x8.0”)
  • Wire diameter: 18um to 50um (0.7mil to 2.0mil)
  • Fine-pitch 45um inline, 30um staggered
  • Loop height: 100um (4mil). Typical 200um (8 mil)
  • Loop length: 300um to 5mm (12 mil–200 mil); max. 100X wire diameter

Automated Dispense and Encapsulation Processes:

  • Glob top is a one-part process for small to medium die with wire bonds
  • Glob top with rigid black encapsulant for high reliability applications
  • Glob top with flexible UV light/moisture-cure clear encapsulant
  • Dam & Fill is a two-part process for large die with high count wire bonds
  • Underfill field-proven dispensing for CSP and Flip-Chip components
  • Die-Attach epoxy dispensing: conductive (silver) and non-conductive 

Bond Test (Wire-Bond and Die-Shear)

  • Wire Bond Strength Testing: DPT and NDPT
  • Die Shear Strength Testing
  • Ball Shear Strength Testing

Metrology: Precision Measurement of substrate and assembly

  • XY=2.6um+L/175, Z=3.0um+L/150 accuracy, 315x315mm work area
  • Camera and Optics: High-Res Color, with Zoom Range 36:1 (15X-540X)
  • InSpec Metrology Software: point & click, proprietary edge detection