Advanced SMT Assembly

Advanced SMT Assembly

RoHS and Non-RoHS

“Serving Silicon Valley since 1993”

AmTECH provides customers with 25 years of leadership and experience in Advanced SMT Assembly and Complex Microelectronics Assembly (Cleanroom). We offer a full range of services and manufacturing processes. From Prototype to Production, high mix SMT Assembly, US manufacturing.

  • DFM: process engineering review of PCB Fab, PCB Design and documentation.
  • Engineering, Prototype to Production: lead-free (RoHS) and tin-lead (Non-RoHS) assembly.
  • 01005 components, 400um pitch connectors, 300um pitch CSP & BGA, 150um pitch Flip-Chip, 45um pitch COB-wire bonding and miniature components.
  • Complex Microelectronics Assembly on PCB, rigid-flex, flex or ceramic substrates.
  • Inspection and testing using the latest advanced 2D+3D AOI, 160Kv XRAY and Metrology equipment. 

Advanced SMT Assembly 

High-Performance Solder Paste Printing

  • Positioning Printing Repeatability: +/-5um @3s. (0.2 mils)
  • Large PCB: L510 mm x W380 mm (20”x15”)
  • Print Inspection and Auto Cleaning System
  • Stencil Vacuum and 3S Programmable Printing head between 45° to 65°
  • Quik-Tool and PCB Vacuum suction system
  • Precision solder paste printing down to 150um diameter (6 mils)

High-Precision SMT Pick and Place

  • SMD Placement Accuracy: +/-35um Passive, +/-25um critical components
  • 10-Heads, 01005 to 45 x 100mm and height of 15mm SMD parts
  • Maximum feeder count: 140 component types (8mm tape feeders)
  • Large PCB: L510 mm x W380 mm (20”x15”)

100% Forced Convection Solder Reflow

  • (10) Zone with independent controlled top and bottom heaters up to 350°C
  • 120” Heated Tunnel length, plus (2) computer controlled cooling Modules
  • Complete ECD super MOLE Gold Profiling and Storage Software
  • PID temperature control to ensure zone stability to +/-1°C
  • Air or Nitrogen reflow capability with Inert Atmosphere <100 PPM Oxygen

Super MOLE Gold Thermal Profiler

  • Custom reflow soldering thermal profile for RoHS and Non-RoHS
  • 6 Channel K-type Micro-Thermocouples, 1.5 Million data point memory
  • Wireless RF operation and USB enabled for Upload and Download data

Advanced 2D + 3D Automated Optical Inspection

  • Multi-function system with (1) top-down and (4) side viewing cameras
  • Advanced 2D + 3D Inspection, minimum component size 01005
  • Maximum Inspection Area: L480 mm x W400 mm (19”x16”)
  • Part Defects: position, missing, wrong, polarity, skew, tombstone
  • Lead Defects: bent, lifted, bridging
  • Solder Defects: open, short, insufficient, solder balls 

Microfocus 160Kv XRAY Inspection

  • Extended BGA and Flip-Chip Inspection including void analysis
  • PCB and Complex Microelectronics Assembly Inspection
  • Semiconductor Packaging including Wire Bonding inspection
  • Bottom Termination Components: QFN, BGA, LGA, CSP, Flip-Chip
  • 2000X geometric magnification and 17,500X total image magnification
  • X-Ray tube with 25-160 kV voltage range, and <1 um detail detectability

Metrology: Precision Measurement of substrate and assembly

  • Precision X, Y, and Z Linear Ways, Motorize, Programmable Zoom Lens
  • XY=2.6um+L/175, Z=3.0um+L/150 accuracy, 315x315mm work area
  • Camera and Optics: High-Res Color, with Zoom Range 36:1 (15X-540X)
  • InSpec Metrology Software: point & click, proprietary edge detection
  • Advanced Illumination: Multi-Ring LED Lighting: Surface, Profile and Axial