Bond Test and Metrology

Bond Test and Metrology

AmTECH focuses on Complex Microelectronics Assembly which requires XY and Theta precision placement accuracy of bare-die IC Chips, fine-pitch Wire Bonding and Encapsulation.

Precision X/Y placement accuracy and repeatability requirements for die placement and die height are critical in Microelectronic products for Automotive/LiDAR, Medical/Biotech, Tech/Industrial, Aerospace/Defense, Communications/Photonics and many other applications. 

“Precision component placement accuracy and repeatability requires technical expertise, high accuracy automated equipment and metrology: precision measurements”. 

Precision Die-Attach, Flip-Chip and Multi-Chip capability

  • X/Y Placement +/-7um accuracy @3s, Theta Placement +/-0.15° accuracy
  • Die Attach die size: 0.2mm – 50mm (0.008” to 2.0”)
  • Flip Chip die size: 0.5mm – 50mm (0.020” to 2.0”)
  • Die thickness: 0.05mm – 0.75mm (0.002” to 0.030”)
  • Die/ Flip-Chip pick from: wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak and JEDEC tray
  • Die-Attach to: PCB, Rigid-Flex, Flex, Ceramic and other substrates 

Bond Test (Wire-Bond and Die-Shear)

  • Wire Bond Strength Testing: DPT and NDPT
  • Die Shear Strength Testing
  • Ball Shear Strength Testing

Metrology: Precision Measurement of substrate and assembly

  • Precision X, Y, and Z Linear Ways, Motorize, Programmable Zoom Lens
  • XY=2.6um+L/175, Z=3.0um+L/150 accuracy, 315x315mm work area
  • Camera and Optics: High-Res Color, with Zoom Range 36:1 (15X-540X)
  • InSpec Metrology Software: point & click, proprietary edge detection
  • Advanced Illumination: Multi-Ring LED Lighting: Surface, Profile and Axial