Die-Attach and Flip-Chip

Die-Attach and Flip-Chip

Cleanroom facility


Die Attach, also known as Die Bond, is the process of attaching a die or multiple die to a Printed Circuit Board, Rigid Flex, Flex or Ceramic substrate.  Precision X/Y placement accuracy and repeatability requirements for die placement and die height are critical in Microelectronic products for Automotive/LiDAR, Medical/Biotech, Industrial & Automation and many other applications.

Epoxy die attach is the most common die attach process.

  • High precision die-attach with Conductive (Silver) or Non-Conductive epoxy.

Eutectic Die Attach with AuSn (Gold-Tin @280C), AuSi (Gold-Silicon @ 363C).

  • Eutectic scrub with the substrate heated-up to high temperature.


Flip Chip is a method of interconnecting IC chips with solder bumps/balls that have been deposited onto the top-side IC chip pads to a substrate. The IC chip is flipped over during assembly so that its top-side faces down.

The solder bumps/balls are deposited on the top-side chip pads of the wafer during the final wafer processing steps. Solder balls are eutectic or lead-free.

Precision Die-Attach, Flip-Chip and Multi-Chip capability

  • X/Y Placement +/-7um accuracy @3s, Theta Placement +/-0.15° accuracy
  • Die Attach die size: 0.2mm – 50mm (0.008” to 2.0”)
  • Flip Chip die size: 0.5mm – 50mm (0.020” to 2.0”)
  • Die thickness: 0.05mm – 0.75mm (0.002” to 0.030”)
  • Die/ Flip-Chip pick from: wafer, waffle pack, Gel-Pak and JEDEC tray
  • Die place to: PCB, Rigid-Flex, Flex, Ceramic and other substrates
  • Integrated Musashi time-pressure Dispenser and Epoxy stamping

Vacuum Solder Reflow Station (with Formic Acid Option)

  • For High Reliability Complex Microelectronic Assembly
  • Flux-Free Solder and Void-Free Eutectic Die Attach
  • Hermetic Package Sealing. Heated Area 5” x 4”; Process Area 4.5” x 3.5”
  • 450°C maximum temperature, 100 millitorr minimum vacuum

100% Forced Convection Solder Reflow

  • Conveyor accommodates PCB’s up to 18” wide and 2.2” height clearance
  • (10) Zone with independent controlled top and bottom heaters up to 350°C
  • 120” Heated Tunnel length, plus (2) computer controlled cooling Modules
  • Complete ECD Gold Profiling and Storage Software
  • PID temperature control to ensure zone stability to +/-1°C
  • Air or Nitrogen reflow capability with Inert Atmosphere <100 PPM of Oxygen

Microfocus 160Kv XRAY Inspection

  • Extended BGA and Flip-Chip Inspection including void analysis
  • PCB and Complex Microelectronics Assembly Inspection
  • Semiconductor Packaging including Wire Bonding inspection
  • Bottom Termination Components: QFN, BGA, LGA, Flip-Chip
  • 2000X geometric magnification and 17,500X total image magnification
  • X-Ray tube with 25-160 kV voltage range, and <1 um detail detectability

Bond Test (Wire-Bond and Die-Shear)

  • Wire Bond Strength Testing: DPT and NDPT
  • Die Shear Strength Testing
  • Ball Shear Strength Testing

Plasma Cleaning: Wire Bond surface preparation

  • To clean organic contaminants and ensure bondability and reliability
  • RF Plasma Power: 40KHz, 0-1000 watt @450-550VAC, selectable power
  • Dry nitrogen for backfill with mass flow control for Argon and Oxygen

Metrology: Precision Measurement of substrate and assembly

  • XY=2.6um+L/175, Z=3.0um+L/150 accuracy, 315x315mm work area
  • Precision X, Y and Z linear ways, motorize programmable zoom lens.
  • Camera and Optics: High-Res Color, with Zoom Range 36:1 (15X-540X)
  • InSpec Metrology Software: point & click, proprietary edge detection
  • Advanced Illumination: Multi-Ring LED Lighting: Surface, Profile and Axial