Dispense and Encapsulation

Dispense and Encapsulation

Glob Top, Dam & Fill, Underfill

AmTECH’s innovations and in-depth knowledge of dispensing technology and materials have continuously led the industry while focusing on customer needs for the best dispense and encapsulation process.

 Automated Dispense and Encapsulation Processes:

Encapsulation processes are used to protect fragile die and wire bonds.
We analyze the epoxy fluids, the assembly, the parts, and your accuracy requirements so we can recommend the best process.

  • Glob top is a one-part process for small to medium die with wire bonds
  • Glob top with rigid black encapsulant for high reliability applications
  • Glob top with flexible UV light/moisture-cure clear encapsulant
  • Dam & Fill is a two-part process for large die with high count wire bonds.
  • Underfill field-proven dispensing for CSP and Flip-Chip components
  • Die-Attach epoxy dispensing: conductive (silver) and non-conductive
  • Accuracy +/-50um (2mil) @3s, X/Y and Z Repeatability +/-25um (1mil)
  • Heated dispense area: 350mm X 350mm (14” x 14”)
  • Auger Pump and JET pump capability

 “State-of-the-Art”, automated equipment for all heterogeneous assembly processes including SMT Assembly, Flip-Chip, COB and Advanced Microelectronics Assembly (Cleanroom).

 Liquid Encapsulation Process Considerations:

  • Proper material storage at -40°C, and proper thawing to +25°C before use
  • Substrate pre-heat to 80°C to 100°C for void-free encapsulation
  • Liquid encapsulant should be cured within one hour to reduce moisture absorption
  • Proper cure of the liquid encapsulant is essential for material reliability
  • Manual or Automated time-pressure dispensing are the preferred methods
  • Rework of encapsulation material after cure is not recommended