Design Guidelines

A well designed and fabricated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is required for optimum manufacturing assembly yields, reliability and electrical performance. The SMT market is trending fast to ultra-small Semiconductor industry standards where solder masked designed (SMD) pads are becoming the standard for bottom termination components such as Flip Chip, CSP and uBGA components. Micro-SMT and Microelectronics Assemblies require tight tolerances on the substrate: PCB Fabrication with ≤10% over etching on traces and pads, solder mask alignment tolerance ≤+/-30um, solder mask thickness ≤15um and warpage (bow and twist) ≤0.150mm per 25.4mm.

Precision Die Attach

  • Die Attach Pad size.
  • Automated Die Attach.
  • Manual Die Attach.

Flip Chip and Underfill

  • Flip Chip PCB Pad Design.
  • Flip Chip Automated Assembly.
  • XRAY Inspection and Underfill.

Fine Pitch Wire Bonding

  • Gold Ball Wire Bonding.
  • Aluminum and Gold Wedge Wire Bonding.
  • Wire Bond Pull Test (DPT).

Dispense and Encapsulation

  • Glob Top overlap and height.
  • Dam & Fill width and height.
  • Fiducial dimensions.