Process Description Dimension Min. um (mils)
Glob Top Overlap of Encapsulation to Wire Bond on PCB, substrate or package ≥600um (24 mils)
Glob Top or Dam & Fill Overlap of Encapsulation to Top of Wire Bond Loop ≥200um (8 mils)
Glob Top or Dam & Fill Space Fiducial to Glob Top or Dam ≥300um (12 mils)
Glob Top or Dam & Fill Fiducial Size (3x Round Pad) ≥300um (12 mils)
Dam & Fill Space Wire Bond Pad edge to Dam ≥200um (8 mils)
Dam & Fill Dam Width minimum ≥400um (16 mils)
Dam & Fill Dam Height maximum *
(2x Dam Width using Tall Dam material)
≤800um (32 mils) *

Dispense and Encapsulation Applications

  • Glob top is a one-part process for small-medium die with wire bonds.
  • Glob top with rigid black encapsulant for high reliability applications.
  • Glob top with flexible UV light and moisture cure for clear encapsulant.
  • Dam & Fill is a two-part process for large die with wire bonds.
  • Underfill dispensing for CSP and Flip Chip components.
  • Die-Attach epoxy dispensing: conductive and non-conductive.