Flip Chip, also known as Direct Chip Attach (DCA), is a method of interconnecting IC chips with solder balls/ bumps that have been deposited onto the top-side IC chip pads to a substrate. The IC chip is flipped over during assembly so that its top side faces down. Solder balls/ bumps are eutectic (Sn63Pb37) or lead free (SAC305).

Flip Chip: Pitch, Ball/Bump, and recommended PCB Pad design

Ball/Bump Pitch
um (mil)
Ball/ Bump
Size um
Size um
PCB Pad Size Variation
300um (12mil) 150-165um 165um 150-165um
250um (10mil) 125-140um 140um 125-140um
220um (9mil) 110-120um 120um 110-120um
200um (8mil) 100-110um 110um 100-110um
180um (7mil) 90-100um 100um 90-100um
150um (6mil) 75-85um 85um 75-85um

Flip Chip Automated Assembly: Datacon EVO Plus

Description Standard Production
Flip-Chip Ball or Bump Eutectic Sn63Pb37 or Lead-free SAC305
Flip-Chip Attach Gel Flux clean or no clean
Underfill Namics 8437-2
Max. Die Size 1”/ 25mm²
Min. Die Size 20 mils²/ 500um²
Die Thickness 0.15mm to 1mm (6-40mils)
Flip-Chip to PCB Edge 20 mil/ 500um
F/C to SMT Component 20 mil/ 500um
Flip-Chip Pick from: Waffle Pack 2”x2” and 4”x4”
Flip-Chip place to: Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex PCB or Ceramic substrate
Visual Inspection 25-160 kV XRAY, <1um detail detectability