Quality and Documentation

Quality and Documentation


At AmTECH Quality starts with a detail DFM Review of Customer supplied Design and Documentation Files. 

Manufacturing Documentation

  • Quality requires consistency in the manufacturing process once a product has been prototype and qualified.
  • The first step for manufacturing complex microelectronics products is the customer design engineering and documentation files.
  • We generate detailed manufacturing process instructions for every process step to ensure the product is built consistently.

Process Engineering (Design for Manufacturing)

AmTECH process engineering team takes responsibility for the manufacturing process of the product and ensures that it meets all assembly and workmanship requirements. The process engineering team provides DFM input for PCB Fab, PCB Design and manufacturing documentation. 

Manufacturing File

The set of records QA assembles to fulfill manufacturing documentation requirements is called the manufacturing file. The manufacturing file must have a MDL “master document list” with revision level and effectivity date for each manufacturing document. 

Assembly Traveler (Run Card)

The assembly traveler has specific details about which manufacturing process and QC/QA inspections steps will be incorporated into the lot or individual units, this allows space to record the, start and finish time, machine used, operator performing the process, data measured at various steps, quality related information, etc.. Basically anything unique to that product or group of products that might be useful to analyze aspects of the product or process both to improve quality, minimize cost and/or to find parts that came from a particular lot of material. 

Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI)

These manufacturing instructions show the operators how to perform the operations at each step of the process. The MPIs are very detailed, highly graphic with many photographs, and this makes it clear to the operators how to perform the assembly process. The MPIs should be detailed and clear enough that an operator could be trained to build the product correctly.

We utilize metrology equipment for precision measurements of substrate wire bond and component pad sizes before assembly and precision measurements of critical components after assembly. 

SMT Process Control:

  • Metrology: Precision measurement of substrate and assembly
  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • Custom reflow soldering thermal profile for RoHS and Non-RoHS
  • Ionograph for ionic contamination testing
  • 2D + 3D Automated Optical Inspection
  • 160Kv XRAY Inspection of bottom termination components 

COB Process Control (Cleanroom):

  • Metrology: Precision measurement of substrate and assembly
  • Wire Bond Strength Test (DPT and NDPT)
  • Die Shear Strength Testing
  • Plasma Clean for wire bond surface preparation
  • 160Kv XRAY Wire Bond Inspection after encapsulation 

Outgoing QC (OQC)

  • Review of MPI and Assembly Traveler
  • Review process control records
  • Review SMT workmanship inspection records
  • Review COB workmanship inspection records
  • Review special assembly requirements including labels, serial numbers and packaging requirements

All of the people at AmTECH are committed to driving quality and innovation at every level of the organization.

When labels and serial numbers are required; we normally tie to a specific work order or shipment and we are able to provide records to prove all manufacturing and inspection steps were properly completed. AmTECH Certificate of Conformance can provide serial numbers for a particular work order or shipment.