AmTECH’s capabilities include state-of-the-art automated equipment for Optical & XRAY Inspection, Metrology for precision measurements and Bond Test for verification of PCBA and Microelectronics Assembly products.

3D High-Res Automated Optical Inspection for PCB Assembly Inspection of part defects, lead defects and solder defects.
160Kv XRAY Inspection is used for inspection and void analysis of all uBGA, CSP and Flip Chip components.
Metrology Equipment is used to verify component placement accuracy and critical dimensions of PCBs and Ceramic substrates.
Bond Test is a requirement for Microelectronics Assembly to test the integrity of wire bonds and the die attach process.

3D High-Res Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • 25-Megapixel top-down camera and four 5-Megapixel side view cameras.
  • Advanced 2D (7um) + 3D (9um) resolution, min. component size 01005.
  • Maximum Inspection Area: L480 mm x W400 mm (19”x16”).
  • Part Defects: position, missing, wrong, polarity, skew, tombstone.
  • Lead Defects: bent, lifted, bridging.
  • Solder Defects: open, short, insufficient, solder balls.

Microfocus 160Kv XRAY Inspection

  • SMT, Micro-SMT and Advanced Microelectronics assembly inspection.
  • Bottom Termination Components: QFN, LGA, uBGA, CSP, Flip Chip.
  • Extended Flip Chip, CSP and uBGA inspection including void analysis.
  • 2,000x geometric magnification and 17,500x total image magnification.
  • Open X-Ray tube with 25-160 kV voltage range, and <1 um detectability.
  • Oblique Viewing +/-70⁰ (140⁰) without loss of magnification.

Metrology for precision measurements

  • Programmable Zoom Lens and motorized X, Y, and Z linear ways.
  • XY=2.6um+L/175, Z=3.0um+L/150 accuracy, 315x315x160mm work area.
  • Camera and Optics: High-Res Color, with Zoom Range 36:1 (15x-540x).
  • InSpec Metrology Software: point & click, with proprietary edge detection.
  • Advanced Illumination: Multi-Ring LED Lighting, Surface, Profile and Axial.
  • LSM-1 Laser Probe System with Diffuse and Specular reflection modes.

Bond Test: Wire Bond, Die Shear and Ball Shear

  • Wire Bond Pull Test (DPT and NDPT) with WP100G Test Cartridge.
  • Die Shear Test with DS100KG Test Cartridge.
  • Ball Shear Test with BS5KG Test Cartridge.
  • Test results can be saved directly to MS Excel, Word or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Graphs can be exported to JPG, TIF, PNG or BMP formats.
  • Software for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Data Analysis.