AmTECH focuses on next generation leading edge technology products, that require a full range of Advanced Microelectronics assembly processes and materials. Automated equipment for precision placement of components, and a controlled manufacturing process with an emphasis on quality. All the people at AmTECH are committed to driving quality and innovation at every level of the organization.

Microelectronics Manufacturing Services

  • Prototype to Production with multiple assembly processes and materials.
  • Design and Process Engineering support for PCB Design and Assembly.
  • Workmanship: IPC-A-610 Class 2 and 3, Microelectronics Test Methods.
  • Rigid PCB: ≥1.0mm to ≤4.0mm; Thin Rigid PCB: ≥0.3mm to ≤0.8mm.
  • Flex PCB: ≥0.1mm to ≤0.2mm; Ceramic Substrates: ≥0.25mm to ≤1.0mm.

Advanced Microelectronics Capabilities

  • Flip Chip and Die Attach with accuracy of +/-7um and Theta +/-0.15°@3s.
  • Double-sided Micro-SMT Assembly with placement accuracy of +/-30um.
  • Micro-SMT, Flip Chip, Die Attach and Wire-Bonding on 100um thick Flex.
  • Automated Epoxy Die Attach with conductive and non-conductive epoxy.
  • Gold Ball, Aluminum & Gold Wedge, Wire Bonding and Ribbon Bonding.
  • Glob Top, Dam & Fill, Underfill and UV Dispense & Encapsulation.
  • Plasma Cleaning for Wire Bond surface preparation.
  • Wire Bond Pull Test (DPT and NDPT), Die Shear and Ball Shear Test.
  • Metrology for precision measurements of substrate and assembly.