AmTECH provides high mix, automated Prototype to Medium Volume Production of Complex PCB Assembly. AmTECH’s PCBA capabilities can place a wide range of components with multiple assembly processes and materials on Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex PCB and ceramic substrates. This includes 01005 passive components, ≥0.15mm pitch Flip Chip, ≥0.3mm pitch CSP, Die Attach, Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding and Dispense & Encapsulation.

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Services

  • Prototype to Production with multiple assembly processes and materials.
  • Design and Process Engineering support for PCB Design and Assembly.
  • Workmanship: IPC-A-610 Class 2 and 3, Microelectronics Test Methods.
  • Material Management: Full-Turnkey, Partial-Turnkey, Consignment.
  • Rigid PCB: ≥1.0mm to ≤4.0mm; Thin Rigid PCB: ≥0.3mm to ≤0.8mm.
  • Flex PCB: ≥0.1mm to ≤0.2mm; Ceramic Substrates: ≥0.25mm to ≤1.0mm.

Complex PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • Double-sided high mix automated PCB assembly with up to (3,000) components.
  • Micro-SMT assembly with precision placement of Multiple Die on Thin Rigid PCB.
  • Micro-SMT: 01005 passive, ≥0.15mm pitch Flip Chip, ≥0.30mm pitch CSP.
  • Double-sided Micro-SMT Assembly with placement accuracy of +/-30um.
  • Flip Chip and Die Attach with accuracy of +/-7um and Theta +/-0.15°.
  • 3D High Resolution AOI, 160Kv XRAY and Metrology for precision measurements.
  • Reflow solder Thermal Profiling and Ionic Contamination Test System.
  • Lead Free SAC-305, Eutectic Sn63Pb37 or Low Temp Solder SnBiAg.