AmTECH provides automated PCB and RF Assembly for R&D, Prototype to Production requirements. AmTECH’s PCB Assembly  capabilities can place a wide range of components with multiple assembly processes and materials on rigid & flex PCB laminates and ceramic substrates. This includes precision placement of 01005, uBGA, WLCSP and Flip Chip components.

PCB and RF Assembly Capabilities

  • Automated PCB and RF Assembly.
  • 01005, uBGA, WLCSP and Flip Chip C4 & TCB.
  • Fine pitch SMD and bottom termination components.
  • Multiple materials, components and assembly processes.
  • Solder paste printing down to 150um (6 mil) circles.
  • Precision SMT Pick & Place placement +/-30um accuracy.
  • Reflow solder thermal profiling and ionic contamination test.
  • 2D+3D AOI, XRAY, 2D+3D digital microscope and metrology.

Technology Focus

  • Mixed Technology Assembly.
  • Chip on Board, Chip on Flex.
  • Heterogeneous Integration.
  • Multi-Chip Modules.
  • Photonics, Imaging Devices.
  • MEMS, SiP, Chiplets.
  • RF/ Microwave/ mmWave.
  • PCB & RF Assembly.