AmTECH’s offers value added Engineering and technical expertise for all your Complex PCB Assembly and Advanced Microelectronics requirements. 

AmTECH provides customers with over (25) years of leadership and experience solving Design and Process Engineering challenges. We support next generation, leading edge technology products that require advanced manufacturing technologies such as SMT, Micro-SMT, Flip Chip & Underfill, Die Attach, Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding and Dispense & Encapsulation processes.

Engineering and Technical Expertise

  • Design and Process Engineering support for PCB Design and Assembly.
  • Custom Manufacturing Flows including heterogeneous assembly processes.
  • Custom Tooling and Fixture design with AutoCAD and Solid Works.
  • Micro-SMT, Flip Chip, Die Attach, Wire Bonding and Encapsulation.
  • PCBA, Microelectronics, Multi-Chip Module, Chip-On-Board and Chip-On-Flex.
  • Experience with all types of Solder and Epoxies, including UV materials.
  • Cleaning processes: Inline Aqueous Cleaner, Ultrasonic and Plasma Cleaning.
  • ESD Control for operators, floor and ESD workstations with Ionizers in key areas.

Quality, Test and Measurement

  • Solder Paste Inspection (SPI).
  • ECD Super MOLE Gold for reflow solder Thermal Profiling.
  • Ionic Contamination Test System to verify proper cleanliness of PCBAs.
  • 3D High Resolution Automated Optical Inspection (3D Hi-Res AOI).
  • Microfocus 160Kv XRAY inspection and Void Inspection.
  • Bond Test: Wire bond (DPT/ NDPT), Die shear and Ball shear Test.
  • Metrology for precision measurement for substrate and assembly.