AmTECH’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a formalized system that documents manufacturing processes, procedures and employee responsibilities to achieve quality policies and objectives. This assures we can consistently deliver excellent service and a quality product to our customers.

Our quality system ensures quality standards are routinely monitored, minimizing the potential for error and reducing downtime. AmTECH has quick access to relevant data to allow for easy monitoring of the manufacturing processes when deviations occur. Process outputs are analyzed, and the appropriate adjustments are made.

All the people at AmTECH are committed to driving Quality and Innovation at every level of the organization.

Good Documentation Practice (GDocP) is the foundation of our Quality

  • Control of Documents.
  • Control of Records.
  • Internal Audit.
  • Control of Nonconforming Product.
  • Corrective Action, Preventive Action (CAPA).

Structure of Documentation

  • Quality Manual.
  • Quality Procedures.
  • Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI).
  • Quality Records.

Quality Management System (QMS)

  • Risk Management: Identify, Assess, Control and Review Risk.
  • Process Monitoring: Data-based process monitoring to improve quality.
  • Manufacturing Workforce Training: ISO, IPC, Microelectronics Test Methods.
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM).