Packaging and Assembly processes on rigid & flex laminates, ceramic, glass, and silicon substrates. We have a strong engineering team for process development and prototype to production requirements.

Flip Chip Bonding

  • Flip Chip C4 and Cu Pillar +/-3um.
  • 2.5D and 3D IC packaging (stacking).
  • Chip on Board, Flex (COB, COF).

Die Bonding

  • Die Bonding: Epoxy, Eutectic and Sintering.
  • Automated Die Bonding and Multi-Chip.
  • Die Bonding accuracy +/-7um.

Wire Bonding

  • Gold Ball Wire Bonding.
  • Aluminum Wedge Wire Bonding.
  • Ribbon Bonding: RF & Power.


  • Glob Top, Dam & Fill, UV, Underfill.
  • ASYMTEK Precision Dispense.
  • Auger Pump and JET capability.

SMT Assembly

  • SMT Assembly (RoHS and Non-RoHS).
  • 03015mm to 50x50mm, L100mm components.
  • 2D+3D AOI, XRAY Inspection and Void Analysis.