Assembly Technologies

The traditional SMT market has been rapidly trending to ultra-small semiconductor industry requirements. There is a growing demand for leading edge technology products that require both Complex PCB Assembly and Advanced Microelectronics with SMT, Micro-SMT, Flip Chip, Die Attach, Wire Bonding, Ribbon Bonding and Encapsulation assembly technologies.

SMT and Micro-SMT

  • 01005, ≥0.15mm Flip Chip, ≥0.30mm CSP.
  • 3D Hi-Res AOI, XRAY and Metrology.
  • X/Y Placement +/-30um accuracy.


Flip Chip and Underfill

  • Flip Chip Pitch: ≥0.15mm to ≤0.30mm.
  • Flip Chip Ball: ≥0.075mm to ≤0.15mm.
  • XRAY Inspection and Underfill.

Precision Die Attach

  • DATACON 2200 EVO Plus.
  • Automated Die Attach and Multi-Chip.
  • X/Y Placement +/-7um accuracy.

Fine Pitch Wire Bonding

  • Gold Ball Wire Bonding (18um to 50um).
  • Aluminum and Gold Wedge Wire Bonding.
  • Ribbon Bonding (50x12um to 250x25um).

Dispense and Encapsulation

  • Glob Top, Dam & Fill, Underfill, UV.
  • ASYMTEK Precision Dispense.
  • Auger Pump and JET capability.