Precision Die Attach

Die Attach, also known as die bond, is the process of attaching a die or multiple dice to a package, rigid & flex PCB laminates or ceramic substrates.  Precision X, Y, Theta die placement accuracy and epoxy bond line thickness (BLT) are critical requirements in microelectronic assemblies for Medical/ Biotech, Defense/ Aerospace, Automotive/ LiDAR, RF/ Microwave/ mmWave, Industrial Automation and many other applications.

Epoxy Die Attach is the most used die attach process because of material cost and process time. The epoxy dispensing can be done with line dispensing, dot dispensing and epoxy stamp processes.

Eutectic Die Attach is the most used die attach process for RF Assembly with gold-tin alloy solder preforms (AuSn @280⁰C). The die is placed onto the preform, and the assembly is heated to the melting point of the alloy. This method is highly regarded for its excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

Die Attach Capabilities

  • Epoxy die attach with conductive and non-conductive epoxy.
  • Eutectic die attach with gold-tin alloy solder preform (AuSn @280C).
  • Precision placement +/-7um accuracy and theta placement +/-0.15°.
  • Precision die placement by XY center line of physical die dimensions.
  • Precision die placement by die surface topography (active area).
  • Die attach die size: 200um to 50,000um (0.008” to 2.0”).
  • Die thickness: 50um to 750um (0.002” to 0.030”).
  • Die attach epoxy bond line thickness (BLT): 25um to 50um (1 mil to 2 mil).
  • Die pick from: Wafer, Waffle Pack, and JEDEC tray.
  • Die place to: Rigid & Flex PCB laminates, and ceramic substrates.
  • Metrology for precision measurements of die placement accuracy.