Our customers are leading edge technology OEMs, system integrators and application providers working for Medical/ Biotech, Automotive/ LiDAR, Defense/ Aerospace, 5G, RF/ Microwave/ mmWave, and Industrial Automation markets.

  • AmTECH implements custom prototype and manufacturing process development for PCB Assembly and Microelectronics.
  • AmTECH offers value added engineering and technical expertise to solve design and process engineering challenges.
  • AmTECH accelerates time to market from proof of concept to finished product and reduced costs over the product cycle.

Medical/ Biotech

AmTECH has specialized in the manufacturing, process development and production of unique medical products that require the use of organic substrates and materials. The trend for portable medical products, wearables or point-of-care diagnostics equipment demands smaller electronics designs. These devices normally have unique requirements for low temperature assembly (≤100⁰C), and precision placement of SMT, flip chip and bare die components with wire bonding and encapsulation. AmTECH has over (25) years of experience and technology know-how in PCB Assembly and Advanced Microelectronics.

Automotive/ LiDAR

AmTECH offers robust and reliable microelectronics assembly technology for the automotive / LiDAR industries. We support safe and reliable applications for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. Product specifications for space and weight savings require the use of small form factor electronics. AmTECH is a specialist in microelectronics and interconnection technology, we are focused on the manufacturing, process development, qualification and production of microelectronics for Automotive/ LiDAR assemblies with precision placement of laser and detector die.

Defense/ Aerospace

AmTECH is a supplier of custom PCB Assembly and Advanced Microelectronics for Military, Aerospace, and critical industrial applications. Our leading-edge engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable our customers to realize the optimum size, weight, and power of their products. AmTECH’s capabilities are used to create products incorporating SMT, flip chip, die attach, wire bonding and encapsulation assembly processes. AmTECH offers these services in a clean room environment and is ITAR and ISO 9001 certified.

Datacom/ Telecom

AmTECH has focused on the manufacturing, process development, qualification and production of 5G, RF/ Microwave/ mmWave and Optoelectronics modules for a wide variety of applications. The development of the semiconductor industry has enabled significant advancements in telecommunication technology and led to a transition from analog to digital signal processing with the introduction of wireless communications, computer networks and eventually the internet. The wireless revolution started in the 1990’s and has been driven by advances in the global networking of people, equipment, cars, cities, countries and continents with constant demand for increasing bandwidths. 

Industrial Automation

AmTECH offers advanced electronics manufacturing services for Industrial Automation Products and Systems. The requirements for complex and reliable control systems are constantly increasing. We support manufacturing of products that require reliable pressure sensors, infrared sensors, imaging devices, MEMS and power electronics. AmTECH’s engineering team, skilled manufacturing technicians and experienced assembly operators solve manufacturing challenges and accelerate time-to-market for each product we assemble. All the people at AmTECH are committed to driving quality and innovation at every level of the organization.