AmTECH is a proven leader in microelectronics assembly and packaging. We were established over 30-years ago by a core team of Silicon Valley professionals with technical expertise in design for manufacturing and process development. We combine multiple materials, components, assembly technologies and manufacturing processes on rigid & flex PCB laminates and ceramic substrates.

Microelectronics Capabilities

  • Microelectronics Assembly and Packaging.
  • Flip Chip C4 and TCB (thermocompression bonding).
  • Precision epoxy die attach and gold-tin eutectic die attach.
  • Gold and Aluminum fine pitch wire bonding.
  • RF and Power ribbon bonding.
  • Glob Top, Dam & Fill and UV encapsulation.
  • Precision automated underfill.
  • 2D+3D AOI, XRAY, 2D+3D digital microscope and metrology.

Technology Focus

  • Mixed Technology Assembly.
  • Chip on Board, Chip on Flex.
  • Heterogeneous Integration.
  • Multi-Chip Modules.
  • Photonics, Imaging Devices.
  • MEMS, SiP, Chiplets.
  • RF/ Microwave/ mmWave.
  • PCB & RF Assembly.